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The whistle's got wooooo....
From The Editor:

In light of recent developments, AT&T, DOJ and FBI whistle blowers should seek alternative consultation before contacting people involved in the defense. Protect your personal and family's security first, then your rights, then those of your fellow citizens. We cannot take responsibility for your safety for doing the right thing... But once you've covered your ass, blow that shit like Bubb Rubb on spinnahz.

Today's Music: Time Travel by Antisoc

Today's Juden Quote:
Jew-baiting is wrong. it doesn’t matter what your last name is — or what your intentions were — or whether it may be lawful — or whether you think it’s funny. It’s still wrong to pick on Jews. So if your future looks troubled, then maybe you have reaped what you have sown. We Jews own you goy, and we will destroy you and all your lesser nations. You will learn not to insult our superior Lord.


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