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Out On Bail....
From The Editor:
This message has not been initiated by any party other then the editor. Andrew is unable to initiate postings on this blog, per his bail conditions. I will however, post information relevant to the case here to provide a counterpoint to what I personally perceive as the media's general collusion with AT&T and Apple. As coaxe says, "I don't trust, trusted computing."

Andrew is out on bail, sadly, under terms which limit his ability to properly prepare his defense. To the law students out there, how well do you think someone can work a full time job and do legal research without computer access.

Media: I am willing to answer your questions regarding this case and this blog, but only via public comments on this blog if you're media organization has properly setup OpenID for your domain. Why would I go on record responding to your questions, if you're not willing to go on record asking them? If your media organization is unable to set up OpenID for your domain, then your organization clearly lack the proper technical understanding of the issues relevant to the case to get commentary, let alone honestly report on the issue. Why don't you show your system administrator the warrant application and ask them for their opinion. I also suggest that you count the number of times that they "lol" while reading it.

The biggest question circulating right now, is "WHY IS HE IN THOSE HUGE CLOTHES?" This is because the US Marshall's office refused to transfer his personal identification or clothing with him, so clothes were found in the courthouse on short notice. Many people ask about why we have such high recidivism rates in this country. Let me ask you this, without friends and family taking care of you, how would you survive coming out of a prison without your identification or proper clothing? Flow my tears... Do we really want people who are victims of the US Justice system to re-integrate in this society, or are we just hoping to keep those bed contracts in private prisons full?

And a song from Aggravated Assault, from their album "Out On Bail," Terrorist Action.


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